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Does This Still Work?

Nov 25, 2020

A mutation comes from a change in DNA. This can happen due to exposure to chemicals, radiation or a writer who runs out of ways to give characters super powers. 'Born that way' sure saves time. Anyway, please enjoy our look back at 2000's X-Men.


Nov 18, 2020

Let me  tell you 'bout some friends I know. They're kinda crazy but you'll dig the show. They can party 'till the break of dawn & sexually assault you with a prawn. Ok, not in the song but not too far off from the movie! Animal House, everybody!


Nov 11, 2020

He’s not your brother but is A brother and he is from another planet. The title says it all as George and Joe take a look back at this 1980s cult classic and ask Does This Still Work?


Nov 4, 2020

He’s a man. And he’s at home! HELPING RAISE HIS OWN CHILDREN! How is this possible? He even has to buy maxi pads. How shocking. Join the guys as they explore the wacky world of a man doing girl stuff like being a responsible parent.