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Does This Still Work?

Dec 25, 2019

The 1974 TV special has fallen into our Movie Miser hands.  Who died on stage? What's the deal with Santa's doctor? Do no countries have mixed populations? Oh, and Mrs. Claus is not a name, just so you know. 

Dec 18, 2019

Are army doctors required to be assholes? What are nurses for, anyway? And sweet Jesus, what was it with the 1970s and having dude only flights? Buckle up as we explore one of the biggest films of it's era and all the other high jinks of this bygone era. 

Welcome to ”Does This Still Work?”

Dec 17, 2019

The show is written and performed by Joe Dixon and George Romaka.

The theme song was written and produced by George Romaka, and is used with permission.

Joe can be found on Twitter @JoeLewisDixon.

George can be found on Facebook as himself.

The show is edited by Callie Wright, of